Winners of May, June, July, August, September, and October 2017 Awards

Written by Gary Eley on December 4, 2017

May 2017 Names Location or Group Reporting Number Art Thomas Mail In 11 Linda Royce Web 11 Ellie Traynor Homestead/ St. Albans 19 Dave Danaher Winooski Housing Auth. 8 Fran Villemare Converse Home 10 Gilberte Callan Four Winds/St. Albans 4 Connie Mitchell SheltonT/Parker H/ Rutland 11 Joyce Goldsmith Whitney Hill/Williston 8 Julie Cook Randolph 11 […]

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Winners of May and June Awards

Written by Gary Eley on July 24, 2013

Winners of our May Awards are: Bronze: Diane Lafleur; Copper: Lorraine Baestra; Silver: Kelle Capron; Gold: Victor Swenson   and for June: Winners are:  Bronze:  Abigail McIntosh, Copper: Lorraine Baestra;  Silver: Russel Newton;  Gold:  Ron Hemenway Many of you are logging over 1000 minutes each month and you should be very proud of your efforts. […]

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Winners for March and April 2013 Drawings

Written by Gary Eley on May 25, 2013

The Winner of our March Drawing was Judith Janone of Burlington, VT.  Judith participates in the Gold Category and she recorded 1725 minutes during the month of March.  Congratulations Judith!! The Winners of our April Drawing were lucky because our Move committee decided to increase our monthly cash prizes from one a month to four […]

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Move for Well-being Update

Written by Gary Eley on April 30, 2013

Move for Well-being has been active traveling to Senior Centers, Parks and Recreation Centers, Residential Settings for Seniors, and Statewide Conferences for Seniors and Corporate Wellness Programs.  The Move committee of the VSGA consists of Don Kjelleren, Phyllis Bartley, Deborah Worthley, Marti Powers, Freda Nieters, Dot Slack, Tom Raub,  Ute Talley, and Kim Mihan and […]

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Winners for our January and February Cash Prizes !!

Written by Gary Eley on March 13, 2013

The Winner of our January Cash Prize of $25 was Raymonde Mayhew of Williston, Vermont.  Congratulations Raymonde !! And the Winner of our February Cash Prize of $25 was Bonnie Draper of Swanton, Vermont.  Congratulations Bonnie Both Winners will receive checks for $25 in the mail this week. Remember, if you chose a Copper Goal, […]

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