Finding an Exercise Partner

Written by Gary Eley on February 26, 2013

One way to keep your commitment to exercise is to find an exercise partner.  This partner could be someone you live with, someone at work, a friend, or your pet.  You can also join or start a walking club where you live, work or attend get togethers.  Having a partner helps keep your commitment to daily exercise and can get you out to exercise even on those days when we are tempted to take a day off.  Having an exercise partner is also an opportunity to deepen a friendship with your partner.  Walking together is an excellent time to talk and listen to each other.  This opportunity for exercise then becomes an opportunity for fun and for friendship.  I recommend reading:  “Vital Friends”, by Tom Rath.  This book points out that people who have three vital friends on average live 5 years longer than people who do not have vital friends.  Also people who have a vital friend at work, on average stay with that job 5 times longer than people who do not have a close friend at work.  I find that Fun, Friendship, and Fitness are three complimentary aspects to our lives with each enriching the other.  Happy walking.


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