Winners for March and April 2013 Drawings

Written by Gary Eley on May 25, 2013

The Winner of our March Drawing was Judith Janone of Burlington, VT.  Judith participates in the Gold Category and she recorded 1725 minutes during the month of March.  Congratulations Judith!!

The Winners of our April Drawing were lucky because our Move committee decided to increase our monthly cash prizes from one a month to four each month, one for each of the category levels.  Winner of the Copper Category was Beverly PolJacik from the Parker House in Rutland Vermont.  Winner of the Bronze Category was Pearl Richards also from the Parker House in Rutland, Vermont.  Winner of the Silver Category was Wendy Campbell from Swanton Vermont and the final winner in the Gold Category was Michael Sharkey of Waitsfield, Vermont.  Congratulations to all of our winners!!  You are all doing a great job and we love hearing that being a part of Move for Well-being is helping you keep your commitment to a more active lifestyle and better health and fitness.

As I travel around the state meeting with many of you, I continue to be impressed with how many of you are deeply committed to maintaining your health and well-being by being active.  I get letters every week from you about how keeping track of your movement activities helps you to keep your commitment to better health and well-being.  Since I joined Move for Well-being myself, I have found that I have become more committed and more convinced that being active helps me to feel better physically and mentally and to have more energy to do what I do each day.  This year I am walking and carrying my golf bag to increase my activity on the golf course and I find that using my body in this way, gives me more energy than if I ride in a golf car.

So, Keep moving everyone and let us hear from you about how Move is working in your life.  Gary Eley



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